“Wrath of Gods” should be required and encouraged viewing to all those in film school or pursuing filmmaking in any form.”

Diane – March 29, 2009

Proof that some WILL work for the art of films

April 2, 2008 By real gypsy girl (USA)
This is an amazing accounting of what appears to be hellish conditions while making the movie. It is obvious that those involved in the production were passionate to complete the movie despite incredible challenges. Impressive independent production and a comprehensive documentary.


January 2, 2008 – By littleflower “littleflower”
This is a wonderful dvd about the behind the scenes of the movie Beowulf and Grendel. It definately is worth buying especially if you are a Gerard Butler fan. The main ‘feature’ is about how they could afford to make the movie, and how they actually made the movie in the weather of Iceland. It’s really great, and exciting. There’s that, and then there’s all these outtakes and deleted scenes along with interviews of the cast members. Gerard Butler’s interview is over an hour long! If you are a fan of Gerry’s, I think you will really enjoy this dvd! I know I do.

Mission Accomplished,

March 6, 2008 – By Maryelva
This was a wonderful example of what goes wrong and what goes right in filmmaking. I am amazed how much these people went through in creating “Boewulf and Grendel,” and I am certainly glad they did. Both “The Wrath of God” and “Boewulf and Grendel” are excellent.

Very Emotional Documentary…

August 22, 2007 – By Trudy Lancaster (Tennessee
I was constantly amazed at the passion and dedication of the people involved with the making of the movie – Beowulf and Grendel. ‘Wrath of Gods’ painfully showed us The Forces of Nature that were fighting the cast and crew every step of the way – but they persevered!

Wrath of God

August 19, 2008 – By Joan F. Cipelle
Hopefully, if you get this dvd, you’ve seen “Beowulf and Grendel”. If not, I would advise you to as it explains the problems involved in the production of this film. Bits of it are in the ‘special features’ of “Beowulf”, but if you really enjoy the background of filming, this is wonderful! It was such a struggle with the elements and the financing, I’m amazed it was produced. Altogether a wonderful commentary on, and with, the people involved in the making of the film, the actors, the director and others. I loved both dvd’s.


November 25, 2007 – By D. Jones “PawpizMA” (Rocky Mountains, CO)
I’ve never appreciated a movie more! After watching “WRATH OF GODS”, I watched “BEOWULF & GRENDEL” for the 5th time and was a thousands times more impressed with how they ever got this beautiful film made in the short climatic time they had. My hats off to Sturla Gunnarsson and everyone involved with this very special film.

Great documentary

September 16, 2007 – By crs “crs” (Western PA)
The documentary itself is terrific. We don’t often get to see the process by which films develop. However, if this is what it takes to get small or independent films made, it’s a wonder any get made at all. (The film Beowulf and Grendel was interesting, great in places, and it’s too bad few have seen it.) The interview with Gerard Butler seems self-indulgent and would have benefited from a good editing. I would like to have seen more interviews with the rest of those who slogged through this effort. And I wonder what the locals thought?

“What first attracted you to the project?”

August 22, 2007 – By A. Gochis (Glendale, CA USA)
On my favorite portion of the “Extras”, Ronan Vibert, dressed as his character Thorkel, standing in a leaky Viking boat answers, first tossing his wig hair over his shoulder, “To work with ice”. In the context of this film, which pulls back the curtain on the intrepid film makers, cast, crew, technical experts and antacid chewing producers, his is a hilarious, British Thespian come-back.
Millions of us who love movies but are not in the industry really have no idea of efforts that go into them. Gerard Butler compares Jon Gustafsson‘s documentary, as it is being filmed, to “Lost in La Mancha” -the documentary about Terry Gilliam’s heartbreaking journey trying to film “Man of La Mancha” with Johnny Depp. The ever aware Butler knows the project could go one way or the other. But there is a twist here, under impossible circumstances, the film did get made.
This film is a must-see supplement to “Beowulf and Grendel”. If you didn’t like “Beowulf and Grendel” when you first watched it, it will completely change how you enjoy, and finally understand Sturla Gunnerson’s vision for this ancient epic poem.

Fabulous Documentary

August 22, 2007 – By Kathleen M. Mcgury (Chicago, IL USA)
I was interested in BEOWULF AND GRENDEL for several reasons, first I’m a big Gerard Butler fan, second, I wanted to see how an updated film of the ancient epic poem would turn out and finally, I had been to Iceland and I wanted to see how it looked on film. Naturally, this documentary caught my eye and it did not disappoint. It was very interesting in just following the basic film making process. As a viewer, you are up close and personal with all the people working on the film, not just the cast and director. There was, of course, nothing basic in the making of this film. The weather was incredible, the backdrop of the Icelandic wilderness was breathtaking and the monumental difficulties that the filmmakers had to overcome was awesome. Though the weather and Mother Nature were by far the most dramatic problems, there were financial and business snafus to deal with as well. This documentary had a dramatic intensity of its own quite apart from the drama portrayed in the film. I unhesitatingly recommend this DVD to anyone who is interested in the process of filmmaking, as well as the beautiful landscape of the Icelandic coast and mountains.

Highly Entertaining

August 22, 2007 – By Catrin Thorp “Welsh Rabbit” (Roslindale, MA United States)
Even when you already know that the film did eventually get made, you’ll find yourself drawn into the behind-the-scenes drama as the cast and crew deal with everything from a leaky Viking ship (which one crew member calls a metaphor for the project), set-flattening winds, a fire in the mead hall, and enough other tribulations that the unflappable director comments at one point that at least he hasn’t seen any frogs falling from the sky. There’s a lot of humour, and of course some incredibly beautiful scenery. If nothing else, you’ll appreciate why a lot of filmmakers prefer to do their shooting on a soundstage rather than on location, at least if that location is someplace like Iceland in the fall!

The Burden of Sturla’s Dream!

August 24, 2007 – By J. Cross
Many MANY years ago, being a dedicated Werner Herzog fan, I went to see the documentary, “Burden of Dreams” which was based on the many trials and tribulations of filming his incredible movie, “Fitzcarraldo” in the jungles of Peru. “Wrath of Gods” could be its Icelandic cousin. There seem to be certain films that fight against their creators. Their directors, crew, and cast must give all they have, and sometimes even a bit more, in order to see their dream realized. Indeed, there are moments during WOGs when the forced smile on director Sturla Gunnarsson’s face melts into something sad and desperate; those are among the most beautiful moments in this film, because that sadness and desperation added to the haunting (and I mean that in the most lovely and primal way) beauty of what became “Beowulf & Grendel”. There is no happy, storybook ending here; the film did poorly by Hollywood standards, but so what?! The film is ultimately true to the prose, true to the raging, frozen, breathtaking Icelandic landscape where it was filmed, and true to the tale of its anti-hero, Beowulf. It is almost an anti-Hollywood movie, and sometimes, who could ask for more than that? Thank you to the director of “Beowulf & Grendel”, Sturla Gunnarsson, to Jon Gustafsson, who filmed its filming, and to the extraordinary cast. Absolutely loved this movie. It has SOUL.

Exciting and helpful to understanding film

August 22, 2007 – By Anastasia L. Baima (Woodbridge, VA)
I have always loved the story of beowulf. I was excited to see the movie when it came out, but by the end I was more interested in finding how they ever made the film. The documentary is wonderful. It lays out the reality of making movies and also about following your vision against great odds. The landscape, business, and unexpected pitfalls do not seem to sway people who are passionate about their art. I am so happy this film was made.

A MUST-SEE for every fan of Beowulf & Grendel or simply of movie making!!!

August 22, 2007 – By shannonhills (southern california)
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought “Director’s Cut” and “Extended” versions of DVDs and watched every “Behind-the-Scenes” video in the hopes of getting even a brief glimpse into the actual making of the movie. And in every single case I’ve been disappointed. Until, that is, I bought “Wrath of Gods.” This amazingly raw and honest portrayal of the making of Sturla Gunnarsson`s “Beowulf and Grendel” was everything I’d ever imagined a visit “behind the scenes” would be, and much, much more.

This movie carefully yet truthfully depicts the unpredictable, unbelievable, impossible and sometimes life-threatening challenges faced by the cast and crew during the location filming of Beowulf. It beautifully and artistically captures the stress and difficulties presented by shooting a film on a low budget in Iceland.

One of my favorite parts was about how the boat they had specially and meticulously built to carry Beowulf and his friends (1) couldn’t even be delivered to the shoot site because it was too big to fit through a bridge cover and (2) once they finally did get the boat into the water, it leaked like a sieve! The situation was so dangerous and frightening that they had to fit all of the boat-riding cast (including Gerard Butler) with life vests under their chain mail and tell them all how important it was that they NOT fall into the water, because the life expectancy in that glacial water was about two minutes. And naturally, no sooner was the cast safe and the sump pump in place and hidden than the director asked his local boating consultant, “Can we sail the boat a few feet closer to the glacier?” and the consultant said, in his lovely Icelandic, sing-song accent, “Noot unleiss you vant to die.”

The DVD includes TONS of extras, including additional interviews and hilarious outtakes.

I loved Beowulf and Grendel right off (I loved the poem when I read it in school). The acting, script, scenery… everything about it was outstanding. But I have to say that after watching Wrath of Gods, the movie – and everyone involved in its production – took on a whole new meaning for me. I am so thankful to Jon Gustafsson for giving me this gift.

Oh, by the way — for you Gerard Butler fans, trust me – you won’t be disappointed!

Nothing Like You’ve Ever Seen

August 22, 2007 – By Jean P. Ostholm “jeano” (Florida, USA)
Wrath of Gods is the dramatic documentary of the making of the film Beowulf and Grendel. Being a huge Gerry Butler fan, I had seen Beowulf and Grendel and also watched the extras, but, none of that prepared me for what was to come in Wrath of Gods, written, directed and filmed by Jon Gustafsson.Jon followed director Sturla Gunnarsson and his crew on one of the most harrowing experiences I have ever seen. In the cold, snow, and hurricane force winds of the tundra and mountains of beautiful Iceland, the gods seemed to thwart their every move, but Sturla wanted to make an authentic movie in a place where the legend could have taken place.
Against all odds, and it seems, all gods, they managed to make a beautiful film that is so real because it was not made on some Hollywood backlot. Kudos go to all cast and crew for enduring all the problems and plugging along to make this wonderful film.

This documentary won “Best Feature Documentry – Audience Award” at the Outland International Fillm Festival. Since then it has won 4 awards out of 8 festival entries, the latest awards being “Jury Award – Achievement in Filmaking” at Stony Brook Film Festival in New York, and “Jury Award – Best Documentary Feature” at Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival in California.

Behind the Scenes of Movie Making

August 19, 2007 – By patsyb (Staffordshire, England)
For anyone interested in how a movie gets made this is a must-see dvd. Jon Gustafsson has created a documentary which will stand the test of time and is full of illuminating detail of the trials and tribulations involved in bringing Beowulf & Grendel to the big screen. It’s all here. The constant problems with the financing of the production, the horrendous weather conditions which were endured by the cast and crew, the hair-raising concerns about one of the major props and the on-set fire are just a few of the aspects covered. There are some great extras, particularly the hour long interview with Gerard Butler. To listen to Mr. Butler outline his reasons for taking on this project and his interpretation of Beowulf’s character is fascinating. There is also a tremendous amount of humour in the interview. This documentary is a tribute to all those who strive against great odds to put their vision onto film and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in cinema.

Shock and Awe!!

August 21, 2007 – By SusanP “seahorse luvr” (Orange County, CA)
I was, and am, a fan of Beowulf & Grendel for many reasons, one of which is the incredible vistas of Iceland. Little did I realize what hellish conditions the cast and crew endured to bring the film to life. Wrath of Gods takes us behind the scenes, from financial woes that very nearly shut down production at every turn, to acts of nature that blew away camps, vehicles, and very nearly people. Jon Gustafsson guides the viewer through the maze of obstacles that were thrown at director Sturla Gunnarsson and all others involved. The most amazing aspect is how they all managed to keep their humor and sanity intact. I’m thrilled to see Jon’s documentary getting well-deserved accolades and awards, and also to see that Beowulf & Grendel is now being seen by more than just the few of us lucky enough to have experienced it on the big screen. After watching Wrath of Gods I dare you to complain about how tough your job is!

Wrath of Gods

August 19, 2007 – By Marilyn A. Frycklund (warren,pa.)
This is an amazing video and one you will enjoy (in the warmth of your home,inside) I enjoyed it from start to finish and recommend it to anyone that loves adventure and beautiful human spirit. I bought it because Gerard was featured in it and love it because it is truly a wonderful story of a determined group of people who set out to show what they faced making a movie (Beowulf & Grendel on location , In Iceland, instead of a movie set.)

Freezing cold temperatures, gale force winds, pouring rain, driving snow, oozing mud, thick fog would seem to be an indomitable force to contend with but their perseverence and tenacity to go on proved an awarding experience to be able to give the viewing public a masterpiece of such awe inspiring footage that one has to see it to believe it.

Unbelievable! Hilarious! Fantastic!

August 18, 2007 – By Ruby L. Wooten
Wrath of Gods is a fantastic documentary! I enjoyed every minute of this unbelievable story of the perils of movie making. I salute the cast and crew of Beowulf and Grendel as they faced obstacle after obstacle to make their movie. Jon Gustafsson tells his story so well that you feel the passion, intensity, humor, and triumph. This film is loaded with depth and substance and evokes so much emotion that you’re moved to tears one moment and laughing out loud the next. Wrath of Gods is a must see piece of entertainment bliss!!!!!!

Wrath will blow you Away!

August 19, 2007 – By Brenda R “Brenda R” (USA)
“Wrath of Gods” will blow you away in more ways than one. It takes you on this behind the scenes adventure ride that just keeps going and going. Just when you thought nothing else could happen (the film eloquently shows all the perils of making the film)it DOES! “Ever heard of Murphy’s Law!” LOL! When I think documentary, I usually think boring but not this one. Jon Gustafsson the movie’s director gives you the feeling you’re right there with the crew and actors going through the same environmental hardships they are experiencing. We sometimes think we have hard winters but nothing like this! The movie almost didn’t get made due to environmental and financial problems but Sturla Gunarsson “Bewolf and Grendel” director held things together with a smile. Jon Gustafsson the “Wrath of Gods” director has put the movie together so it is hysterically funny, shocking, and emotional.

For Gerard Butler fans “300”, it is a must have. The behind the scenes interviews are priceless.


Outstanding interview with Gerry!

October 19, 2007 – By Betty J. Kilgore (Medway, Ohio)
I can’t believe what I’m seeing…a solid hour interview with Gerry Butler AFTER a grueling workday on the set. I’m amazed at his patience under the visible stress of an aching head and body after braving the Icelandic weather to shoot this revealing documentation. How much more can he do to show his appreciation for the support of his fans worldwide? His behavior speaks volumes about the depth of his character and his commitment to excellence and dedication as an actor. His star is definitely rising and he is indeed ‘paying his dues’…he is not afraid to shoulder the tough roles, transforming himself into a character in ways that startle directors and producers alike. When he signs on to play a role they can be assured of this: they will get much, much more than their money’s worth from the likes of this humble, towering Scotsman who has his feet planted solidly on the ground and who has restored the grandeur of moviemaking. Don’t look for his handsome face in the gossip rags as he’s rarely caught up in their sordid stories…he’s too mature to get swept up in their tasteless diatribes…he’s too busy concentrating on his career to cater to the crowded flashbulbs.

One Of My Favorites!

August 19, 2007 – By Patricia H. Marcum (Grand Rapids, MI USA)
I was one of the privileged people to attend the Oxford Film Festival in Ohio in April 2007 and to meet Jon Gustafsson! I was not disappointed! I had already preordered the Wrath of Gods DVD and so I was very excited to see some of the clips from the DVD. I couldn’t believe what the cast and crew had to endure to make Beowulf & Grendel and it’s all on the DVD. I particularly enjoyed all the behind the scene features and all the interviews. I am an avid fan of Gerry Butler’s and I especially enjoyed the hour-long enterview with Gerry and Jon! I’m afraid, with Gerry’s new found star status, we will never see another hour long interview with him….ever again! So with this DVD, we have something really special! What a labor of love this was for Jon! I never tire of watching this!

Thank you Gerry and Jon for this marvelous piece of work!!

Alexandria (Winnipeg, Canada)
Finally the world has the light switch turned on and Wrath is lighting the world on fire.
Got My Wrath DVD —WOW just does not cover it
I came home to Wrath in my mailbox and I just finished watching it —-WOW!!! Awesome just does not begin to be the tip of the iceberg. Simply a masterpiece. Bravo Jon.
I loved the interview with Gerard, it is so raw and candid and shows alot of soul and gives us an inner glimpse of the many sides of Gerry. I like the part when he mentions how much Iceland means to him and how it has left such an impression on him, just like his homeland Scotland. For Gerry to make the interview while he had a raging headache says lot about him and his passion for Beowulf and Wrath.
Wrath is a must for everyone and you (Jon) must be so proud of your film because it is truly a work of art. It brought it all back for me when I was in Toronto for the World Premiere Of Beowulf and on the Red Carpet.
You go through so many different emotions in this film it is really a roller coaster ride that you hope will never end. It really gives the art of making movies a human touch and gives us all a bird’s eye view of what can happen and what can go wrong. it is truly refreshing to get out of the “Hollywood” Mold and step into the real world. Just when you thought things could not get worse, they do and you wonder how everyone made it through filming alive.
So many extras that will leave you breathless and leave you in awe. I cannot believe the amount of extras included, it is amazing!!!
I am so happy Wrath is available in ALL REGIONS. It will become an instant treasure for you to watch again and again, except this treasure is not buried.

Fantastic documentary

August 18, 2007 – By NicoleD
Wrath of Gods was great. This is a wonderful documentary on the film Beowulf and Grendel. There’s spectacular footage of the beautiful land that is Iceland, with a birds-eye view of some incredibly horrendous conditions that were put upon the cast and crew in the making of this film. The interviews of cast and crew were deeply, emotionally charged, with frustrations and exhilarations of their day to day trials and tribulations. Yet, at the same time quite funny and entertaining. If you’re a Gerry Butler fan, you’ll love his long interview and the footage of his take on filming scenes. This documentary gives an in-depth look at, and a better understanding of what was behind this superb movie. Thumbs up!

Very interesting

November 2, 2008 – By Deborah A. Cogan “Deb C.”
I found this very interesting and saw whet they went through in the production of Beowulf and Grendal. I enjoyed this very much

Better than Beowulf! Mother Nature at Her Wildest!

August 20, 2007 – By Wzlwmn (Fredericksburg, VA USA)
I liked Beowulf the film in spite of the unpolished, anachronistic script, because of the gorgeous scenery, excellent costume and set work, and good performances by the title characters. For me the best part was Iceland itself; its vistas and its unbelievable weather, and this is where Wrath of the Gods surpasses the film by far. I think it gives insight into formation of the culture when people struggle to survive in such a place. Highly recommended for anyone interested in filmmaking.

Wrath Of Gods – A Must See

August 19, 2007 – By R. L. Rounce “Rosemarie” (London)
Wrath of Gods is a wonderful documentary by Jon Gustafsson and i can
see why it has won many awards at festivals. I really enjoyed watching Jon Gustafsson record the trials and tribulations of film making. My heart felt for all the actors and production crew involved in making Beowulf and Grendel not least the director Sturla and the producers, there was drama from beginning to end and lesser people would have given up with it all. It really is a lesson in faith and determination. Jon has captured some wonderful moments on camera, some of which are very poignant and his interview with Gerard Butler the star, is a treat all of it’s own for his devoted fans. I would recommend this dvd to anyone who wants to see what goes on behind the making of a movie and for those who think it is fun and straight forward. You will find yourself rooting for them all, after watching setback after setback and cheering for things to go well by the end of it, watching despair turn into triumph. You will also enjoy some very humorous moments too along the way, whilst seeing some of the most beautiful and rugged scenery on earth, which can be very perilous at times.

  • You have made a terrific film with insight into the power of collective commitment and how people can be inspired by a person with vision and determination.

  • Bloody Fantastic! I just loved your doc. Really great.
    With admiration,

  • I watched Wrath Of Gods and I think it is a very strong film – and a very compelling film about filmmaking!
  • What an outstanding documentary on film making. Of course, it helps to have the problems that they had in making “Beowulf and Grendel” to keep it suspenseful and exciting to watch. The scenery and weather played a big role in this film as well. But you put on film all of the right elements to keep the viewer mesmerized by what they were seeing and experiencing. You had it all and put it together in such a way that I keep wanting to see it again and again. This video is a winner. You did a great job and I wanted to let you know how much I and many of my friends enjoy it as well. Keep it up. I’d like to see more of your work.Kathy
  • OMG words fail me. I got mine and it is better that I even expected. The interview with Gerry is priceless. THAT BOY CAN SURE TALK!! even with a splitting headache. The behind the scenes clips are fascinating. It gives you a whole different perspective of the movie. Gerry is certainly a “trooper” Jon did an amazing job on this documentary. It is one that I will watch over and over again.

  • From the start of the film you get totally entranced, I remember looking around at the audience at one point and everyone was totally engrossed in the film.

  • Wrath of Gods is pure entertainment bliss! You feel the intensity and humor of team, cast, and crew as they triumph over every obstacle the power of nature flings at them while encountering financial battles at every turn. Jon captured it all and shares his passion in this unbelieveable, hilarious story set against the breath taking but powerful backdrop of Iceland. This documentary is loaded with substance and depth packed with laugh out loud must see documentary viewing at its best!

  • I know I’ll be watching this over and over again.

  • WOW!!! Awesome just does not begin to be the tip of the iceberg. Simply a masterpiece. I loved the interview with Gerard, it is so raw and candid and shows alot of soul and gives us an inner glimpse of the many sides of Gerry. You go through so many different emotions in this film it is really a roller coaster ride that you hope will never end. It really gives the art of making movies a human touch and gives us all a bird’s eye view of what can happen and what can go wrong. It is truly refreshing to get of the “Hollywood” Mold and step into the real world. Wrath is a must for everyone and you must be so proud of your film because it is truly a work of art.

  • Loved it. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the film-making
  • Audrey

  • Fabulous, I have always been interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Many thanks to Jon and all the crew and cast for giving us a glimpse of what goes into filmmaking.
  • Jean

  • I was absolutely blown away. I sat frozen (pardon the pun) to my chair for the whole movie and all the clips and interviews and didn’t budge till there wasn’t anything else to see. Number 2- making a film always seemed to be soo glamorous and easy but after watching this, I think the cast and all involved should not only got paid but medals for going above the call of duty. Learning what goes in behind the scenes was so interesting. I’m so glad I decided last year to buy this DVD. It was worth every penny in the education it provided on how a movie was made.
  • Again I say, bravo Jon. Well done.
  • Lyn

  • I knew they encountered a lot of hardships making Beowulf and Grendel, but this film showed how much more difficult the shoot was. I have such respect for everyone who had anything to do with this film for sticking it out. It is so great, Jon, that you were able to catch this whole story on film. You did a wonderful job and I know I will be watching it over and over.
  • Carolyn

  • Congratulations to you and everyone on the “Wrathless” team for its great success. It’s truly an excellent film and a must-have for anyone who has seen and enjoyed B&G.
  • Marina

  • I received my Wrath of Gods DVD today and it was awesome. My husband, also enjoyed B & G as well as the Wrath of Gods…. and he is a hard man to please when it comes to movies.
  • Linda
  • I am totally thrilled.
  • Wendy

  • I have received mine and it’s absolutely breathtaking…… even the Iceland landscape!! *lol* Seriously, it is amazing and I can see why it is an award winner! Thank you Thank you Thank you
  • Fran

  • I thoroughly enjoyed it. You did a great job.
  • Millicent

  • Received it, loved it.
  • Lisa

  • This movie was awesome. Thank you so much.

  • I just finished watching it and boy was it incredible and intense. I doubt that I would have survived those conditions.
  • Marianne

  • OMG OMG OMG….. I got mine today and it is so awesome!!!
  • Poppy

  • It’s awesome and entirely worth the wait!
  • A.

  • I so enjoyed Wrath of Gods and can’t wait for the DVD. I knew nature had wreaked havoc during the filming of Beowulf & Grendel just from the B&G DVD but Jon showed us just how bad it really was. Jon did a fantastic job of film-making/narrating.
  • P.

  • Thank you Wrath of Gods Creator.
    (deep bow of my head)
  • It is worth every krona and frozen
    cube of sweat you put into it. Loved it.
    Ain’t the film business fun!
  • Michele

  • WOW! What a wonderful job you did with it. The photography and editing were superb! It really covered the story of the hoot perfectly. I’ve recommended the DVD to friends and family. I find hat the story behind the filming almost more interesting than the film.
    Congratulations on a job extremely well done.


  • … you did an amazing job…. being the film geek that I am, peeking in the “back door” is almost more exciting for me than a film itself. It’s a rare treat to be able to watch/listen to the creative forces be able to speak their minds, unbridled and unedited for the most part, and the visuals…. ah, the visuals.Great, great work Jon.

  • Wrath is AMAZING!!! Not only do you give us the privilege of witnessing the making of the movie from the inside, which is fascinating, but also you have made a hugely entertaining film! It has everything: a compelling story, powerful drama, tension, surprise, sense of adventure and humour, and a hero quest that mirrors Beowulf’s: the B&G team’s own hero quest. It is so wonderful to see how, in the face of adversity, in the middle of chaos, there were people still keeping a smile on their face and not losing their sense of humour! And how all these people’s will and team work made the miracle of achieving the final common goal: telling a wonderful mythic story, and finishing a great film! And I’m not an expert in these things, but I must say I loved the structure you gave to Wrath, telling the story as a journal, with your voice-over narration: I think it creates a sense of adventure, and it feels like we are listening to the member of an expedition as he writes his log to keep the record of a perilous journey. Fabulous!! …if it was true that the Norse Gods were testing you, they must have been pleased to see how this cast and crew were up to the challenge and fought like heroes to have the film made. Or I should say, the films, as there were two being made, and your film, Wrath of Gods, is absolutely brilliant too! Congratulations, Jon! I wish you and all those involved in this project all the best! Thank you so much for everything!!
    Maite, Spain

  • Marg on 12 May 2007Jon, I just received WOG today and spent the afternoon watching it. It is phenomenal and should be required viewing for every aspiring filmmaker. It’s a wonder that it ever got made at all. Kudos to all the cast and crew…they are real troopers. I loved the hour interview with Gerry…he always gives great insights into his characters and a glimpse into his soul. I really loved Beowulf and Grendel…it’s a shame it didn’t get wider distribution. Bravo, Jon! I hope your film wins many awards, it deserves it.
  • # Judy on 16 May 2007TTThank you Jon, for a thoroughly entertaining film, which, to me, was very informative about the trials and tribulations of getting this movie made. It is quite gratifying to see your documentary garnering awards and attention, because Beowulf and Grendel was a very artistic, haunting, and ambitious film which deserved a much wider distribution. I myself, sent hundreds of flyers to the departments of English, History and Drama in leading northeastern US universities in an effort to get the word out. I think Beowulf and Grendel was extremely well received in these academic communities.Gerard Butler’s personal insights were amazing.I wish that this documentary could be made available to film schools across the US.Thanks again for Wrath of Gods. It is outstanding.
  • # Kami_Witch on 17 May 2007THANKS JON!
    The bonus clip was perfect. Helps wuth the wait for the DVD. Todays mail hasn’t come yet, so I am keeping my fingers crossed here in FL.
    Thanks again.
  • # Janet on 19 May 2007I just finished watching the whole DVD and it’s no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to say that as interesting as the film is, your narration and the music is what drew me in. The tone of your voice together with the music was a perfect match. You did a great job mixing everything together.Sturla is a true optimist. Faced with all the difficulties and having the right to feel beaten at times, he still persevered.Gerry is, of course, Gerry. Professional, determined and funny. One of my favorite parts of the extras is when the lights go out during your interview. The laugh and then he just continues on in the dark. Too funny….the man can go on and on and on…….LOL!Everyone involved with Beowulf and Grendel should be very proud of their accomplishment. The adversity that was overcome to make this movie is amazing. Wrath Of Gods brings to light what sheer determination (and some luck) can do to make dreams become reality. This film would be an excellent teaching tool for any aspiring filmmaker! Congratulations Jon, very well done!!!
  • # Amy on 23 May 2007Wow, I just wanted to say.. Well Done!! I was thoroughly entranced by this documentary, it brought such insight of all the hard work and trials that you all had to overcome to produce such a great film! I really wanted to thank you for sharing this and the film with the world.Anyways, great job and thanks again!
  • # Carolyn Anderson on 25 May 2007I just received the dvd tonight and sat right down for 3 hours and watched it all. Thank you so much for making this documentary. It was so interesting to listen to the interviews and see behind the scenes and hear comments of the cast & crew. I’m a Gerry Butler fan and was thrilled to have an hour interview with him. I also was intrigued to hear Sturla’s thoughts about Iceland and character building. I have met both Gerry and Sturla and was impressed with their friendliness and willingness to chat with the fans. I think Wrath of Gods should be shown as a double-feature with Beowulf & Grendel; seeing WOG first makes one want to see Beowulf (which I have seen 5 times on the big screen and countless times on my little screen at home) or maybe the other way around. But either way, what a double feature! I also think that this film should be seen by all film students to get a feel for the challenges and teamwork that is required to bring a vision to fruition. I’m very happy to have this film in my library and thank you so much, Jon, for making it.
  • # Ciuineas ~ Kathy on 28 May 2007Outstanding documentary!! You did a fantastic job capturing the true behind the scenes look at the many challenges and frustrations as well as the triumphs and rewards in the making of Beowulf and Grendel. You have much to be proud of!!Thank you for your dedication, hard work and generosity.Peace and Serenity

# Maureen Butler on 31 May 2007

Just sent you an E-mail Jon after having received both packages. It was worth the wait! Won’t repeat all my encomium here (much has already been stated) – I loved it and I thank you, Sturla, the production team, cast and crew for “educating them” … as it were!!

Break a leg!!!

Maureen Butler

# Margaret Wernerspach on 03 Jun 2007

Jon, I Saw B & G and loved it! After watching Wrath of Gods, I have more respect for what film makers, cast and crew have to endure, at times. I’m also a Gerry fan (who isn’t?).
Thanks, for making this available and I wish you all, more success!

# Irina on 08 Jun 2007

Hi everybody! I think that Wrath of Gods is great film! I loved the interview with Gerard , i love Gerard:)) I wait DVD with impatience!
From Russia with love,

# Mary Jean Vena on 08 Jun 2007

I was sooo happy to receive the dvd. I thoroughly loved the B&G movie, and appreciated it even more after viewing this documentary.
I was very happy to see that at the latter part of the film, there was a scene from the Toronto Film Festival and I was filmed. It was a very special moment when I embraced Gerry Butler, (who I am a Gerry fan). I watched this on my 50th birthday, and boy what a wonderful gift.

Thanks a million,

Mary Jean Vena

# Valkyree on 12 Jun 2007

Awesome Documentary!
Beautifully filmed… I especially loved seeing how positive of an attitude STURLA GUNNARSSON had during the entire project. He is definitely a “glass half-full” type of individual. His outlook definitely brought the movie Beowulf & Grendel to it’s completion and success. I loved the movie and the documentary… and of course, any glimpses of Gerard Butler are appreciated! Great job to all!

# Michelle Strauss on 21 Jun 2007

Wow, what a film!
As a “film-widow” (wife of husband employed in film industry, who rarely sees husband when in production), this documentary actually made me feel better! For all the nights my husband is not home for family time, for all the difficult hoops we jump through to try and have the semblance of a “normal” family existence despite my husband’s crazy career choice…. this documentary reminded me that for all the sacrifices crew members make (and there are many) – it is worth it; to see someone’s artistic view through to the end and to be part of a collaboration that tells a good story. It’s funny, when people enter the movie theatre and buy their ticket, they most often have NO IDEA what truly goes into filmmaking: guts, sweat, tears and fierce determination… not to mention a bucket-load of patience and a truck-load of stamina. Kudos to all involved in the making!!

# Angie on 23 Jul 2007

Jon, thank you so much for this rare glimpse into independent, on location filmmaking. It was a true test of character for the cast and crew to follow Sturla (who I’m convinced is barking mad) repeatedly into the fray. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time watching the story unfurl. Since I had already seen Beowulf & Grendel, it never occurred to me to compare your film with the heartbreaking “Lost in La Mancha”. But the frank talk and the rawness of the film coupled with real risks. Some indies about filmmaking are so boringly self-indulgent they’re not worth mentioning, but this one is a keeper. I never buy DVD’s any more so that tells you how precious “Wrath” is to me. Before you get a big head about all the awards and accolades on the independent film circuit, never forget that nowhere else at the present moment can an an ordinary woman have one solid, nearly undisturbed hour with Gerry.

“…for a whiter, brighter smile, use Iceberg”

Congratulations again, Jon!


# Tom McNulty on 29 Jul 2007

I thought I heard it all with El Mariachi and Robert Rodriquez surrendering naked in an animal cage being subjected to weird experiments to raise money for his film… this story tops that…a great movie with a minimal budget because hell the actors weren’t paid from the film so what could have trickled down to the behind the scenes documentary? This is a must see for any aspiring filmmaker who has an eye for filming… who owns a decent digital camera and who has a friend filming a movie inside of a volcano or on Mars or some other inhabitable place… Storm chasers, the people driving into the eye of hurricanes don’t get video as interesting as this films footage.

From the start of the film you get totally entranced, I remember looking around at the audience at one point and everyone was totally engrossed in the film.


Wrath of Gods is pure entertainment bliss! You feel the intensity and humor of team, cast, and crew as they triumph over every obstacle the power of nature flings at them while encountering financial battles at every turn. Jon captured it all and shares his passion in this unbelieveable, hilarious story set against the breath taking but powerful backdrop of Iceland. This documentary is loaded with substance and depth packed with laugh out loud must see documentary viewing at its best!



Fabulous, I have always been interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Many thanks to Jon and all the crew and cast for giving us a glimpse of what goes into filmmaking.